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As an IPTV user or an IPTV provider who resells subscriptions, you’re a little bit inclined to understand something or two about the functionality behind the IPTV services. That’s where you might as the question “how IPTV servers work?”

As you might’ve already known, servers are the building blocks upon which internet services are established. Naturally, this makes servers the core of IPTV.

In this blog post, we willlearn the basic knowledge behind how servers work. Hopefully, this article will give some insight that will benefit you with your IPTV experience.

What is IPTV?

IPTV is the abbreviation ofinternet protocol television. Before we get into the servers and how IPTV servers work, we will need to understand what exactly is IPTV.

Basically, using internet protocol, IPTV delivers live TV programs, channels, and broadcasts in general. The additional thing that IPTV added to TV services is Video on Demand, which is lacking from traditional TV subscriptions. An IPTV subscription gives you access to a video on demand library where many movies, programs, and TV series are stored to be streamed.

IPTV isn’t quite like cable and satellite connections. They are very limiting and quite don’t allow flexibility.  IPTV is more flexible because you may use it on multiple devices, not to mention the extra features that give you more control over what you watch. VOD and Time-shift TV aren’t possible with cable and satellite, which is a disadvantage, especially now.  Streaming services like YouTube are dominating. The reason behind the dominion of Netflix and YouTube owes credit to its freedom of usage.      

IPTV isn’t exactly like digital video streaming platforms the likes of Netflix and YouTube. There are similarities. But generally, they’re quite different.

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How do IPTV servers work?

In the world of IPTV streaming services, you need a medium by which you may access the content. That’s where the servers take a major role.

Essentially, servers are data transmitting computers that your IPTV subscription gives you access to the TV services. When watching something using an IPTV subscription, you’re basically receiving it from servers. You’ll have to do the initial configuration on your device to get that connection.

Upon subscribing to IPTV,and getting connected to the designated servers, you’ll be able to stream the content that is offered.  

The servers are required to be up all the time. They also need to be able to handle the traffic. When the servers function exceptionally, which is something you should expect from anypremium service, you get to access all the IPTV services they offer.

The majority of IPTV service providers use third-party servers. The servers are managed by a hosting company, which is a good thing because the company that manages the servers will be responsible for maintaining and keeping everything working smoothly.

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Understanding the architecture of IPTV

To understand the functionality behind IPTV servers, you have to take a look at IPTV architecture. Understanding how the servers of IPTV architecture work will open you up to ways in which you may have a better experience. 

Basically, depending on the service provider, there are two main categories of IPTV architecture that you might get. The two architectures are centralized architecture and distributed architecture.

Centralized IPTV Architecture

Centralized IPTV architecture is easy to use. The reason behind that comes from the centralized nature of the servers. Basically, the audiovisual content is stored in the same IPTVservers. Those same servers are centralized, making them not easy to manage. You don’t have to learn comprehensive distribution.

Generally, centralized IPTV architecture is the best option when it comes to IPTV architecture for people who have a small video on demand service. The content gets delivered quite efficiently and quickly.

Distributed IPTV Architecture  

On the other hand, the distributed IPTV architecture may also be centralized and scalable. However, when it comes to complexity, it’s definitely not easy to manage. But it offers many management features and tools that are necessary for managing a big server network. The distributed IPTV architecture is the service you need as a provider who wants to go big.

As you can see, the IPTV servers are at the heart of this service. In order to deliver the best services possible, it is important to make sure that you’re using a good IPTV subscription.

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