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You’re probably interested in IPTV, but you’re not quite sure if it’s really legal. I mean, it’s absolutely amazing, and it offers a huge deal of great features, way better than cable (let’s say). 

 But with all the ambiguity in the net and the fine lines between what is legal, vs. what’ not quite legal, it’s hard to decide whether IPTV subscriptions promise something legitimate. Especially since many service providers (who are the illegal ones) offer them for free, buying one seems like a waste of money. So, why would you even bother to pose a question such as ‘what is Illegal IPTV?”. 

In this article about illegal IPTV, we will explore the issue of illegal IPTV, what are its precautions, and why you should avoid illegal IPTV! 

But first, what is IPTV?

Everything is answered in its letters. IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. The latter means, instead of getting your TV services through the traditional channels, which are Cable and Satellite, you get them now through internet protocol.

Internet is the norm in our modern society, which makes it natural that TV, as well, is turning to this amazing medium to transmit its data.

With IPTV, you can access more than regular, live TV that dictates what you watch. With IPTV, users can access video on demand, which allows them to watch full series, moves, and shows as they will, whenever they want.   

However, how is that related to the issue of illegal IPTV?  

First of all, IPTV, is it illegal or is it legal?

Personal users of illegal IPTV have been prosecuted! In the US and the UK, It’s something that happens, usually. People often get suspended from their internet use when they access illegal IPTV.

More than that, when using P2P streaming formats, owners of copyrights might press charges against you.

It’s still not a very major legal threat, using illegal IPTV. But in the future, who knows? Especially since the implementation of many recent laws.   

Generally speaking, personal users can have their share of illegal IPTV, without being prosecuted, but it’s still not legal.

Hey! What are the services of IPTV?

The first kind of service that IPTV offers are regular, live TV, just like the one you get from cable and satellite. This service allows you to watch TV channels in real-time (very useful for sports fans).

The other thing that IPTV offers is Time-shift TV, which is a service that allows its users to watch shows they missed. Many TV channels have sections on their websites that are dedicated to that.

The final great thing that IPTV offers is a video on demand (VOD) library. The giant in this field is Netflix, which is a service that allows its users to access a huge library of videos on demand.

So, what is streaming piracy (IPTV piracy)? 

Streaming piracy is easy to define. Streaming content without having the copyrights to it is streaming piracy. Many of the websites use that, and it’s illegal!

Yeah, it seems natural to many of you to just download a movie for free or get an m3u link and just watch whatever you want. But still, it’s illegal. And it’s an act that violates the rights of the people who are dedicated to creating art and entertainment. This is an act that hinders the creative efforts of show-business.

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Illegal and legal IPTV

Here we will learn how to distinguish between them both. Let’s start with legal stuff first!

Legal IPTV accounts :

  • Legal IPTV memberships that are legit offer free trials for its users.
  • They offer holistic services that include video on demand (VOD).
  • They have time-shift TV.
  • They charge a reasonable fee for their services.

Illegal IPTV

Illegal IPTV services do not offer all of the aforementioned stuff in a holistic subscription. They are also, most probably, tempting with their free services. And they pay no credit to the parties who hold the rights. They just pirate things and stream them for their personal gain.

Some people sell their stocks of Android boxes by tempting people with free IPTV.

Are Kodi and Android TV boxes illegal?

The devices in themselves are not illegal, but the people who tempt you to buy them with inflated prices, promising free IPTV have made some of them subject to a criminal act.

Naturally, you pay for the device just because you want it. And buying a subscription to IPTV comes after you get the device.

What are the devices that support IPTV?

The devices and hardware don’t determine whether an IPTV service is legal or not. However, most people who use illegal IPTV have PCs and Android Boxes. But generally, any device can be used as a medium by which you access an illegal IPTV subscription.

How can I identify illegal IPTV Services?

Well, it ain’t quite easy to identify illegal IPTV, since some illegal services also require money. Here are some tips for all of you people who want a clear conscience.

First of all, you need to know if the service provider has the right to stream the copyrighted content they do.

Also, services that have no structures are most likely shady.

Country restrictions might also be a sign of non-legal stuff.

Ads are also a thing that you can easily spot in illegal services. And we’re speaking here about lots of ads, provocative and indecent ads.

Why do many people stream from illegal IPTV Services?

The main reason that drives people to stream from illegal IPTV services is convenience and free charges.

Some services online are over-priced and they intimidate people to subscribe, so they look for free alternatives.

Other reasons that drive people to seek illegal IPTV services are related to country restrictions.

But, without kidding, people just want to watch things for free because “why not?”

What are the Dangers of using Illegal IPTV Services?

Free IPTV is very unreliable and might put you at risk, making pay more just to compensate for your losses. They are also very prone to buffer, which is a big pain in the butt that pisses everyone off, no matter how patient he or she is. This is something you don’t want to face, especially during a great football match that you’ve been waiting for an entire season.

They are also putting at many Cyber dangers such as being harmed by viruses and other malware. They could even hack you and exploit you in ways you cannot expect. 

Will I ever be prosecuted for using IPTV illegally?

The parties that damage the most from illegal IPTV are the copyright holders. The companies that hold the rights of broadcasting content will always file lawsuits for any violation of their right. So, that’s always a viable danger for people who use illegal IPTV.

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