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Streaming for free from the internet is super-easy. You just type the keywords in addition to “stream for free”, only to find dozens of free streaming websites that offer the exact show you typed. That might get you thinking, “Why pay for something that I can easily get for free?” 


I totally understand that sentiment and think any reasonable person would agree that it’s very logical to get something for free when it is offered instead of paying for it.

 Subscribing to a TV service like IPTV or cable is a little bit costly. But when you actually think about it, the cost is usually reasonable given that you subscribe to many services.

 If you’re wise enough, you may realize that nothing good comes for free. This is the case with free IPTV services; they aren’t exactly FREE. At least not free of risks!

 As a user, you are taking lots of risksusing free IPTV services. Of course, there aresome advantages, but the risks are sometimes serious.

Let’s take a look at the 5 risks of free IPTV service.

Risk 1: You Risk Financial Loss

Several IPTV service providers aren’t 100% free. They typically ask for a small fee to cover some extra features. The fee is usually very low, which encourages us to pay for it quickly.

Some of these services might impress you with their website, listing all the great features they have and luring you into subscribing. They promise you the best live TV channels from all over the globe and VOD. They might also impress you with the dramatic discounts.

If you’re an average person like most of us, you’d probably think about buying the long-term subscription because you just cannot miss the opportunity that such a service is promising.

There are two risks that you might face there. The first risk is being q victim of fraudulence. The service providers might be frauds who scam people and take their money. The second risk, which we will discuss later, is lack of reliability.

You can refer to Reddit for many stories of people who got scammed by free/illegal IPTV services.


Risk 2: Viruses and Malware

Remember how many times websites tricked you into downloading a virus or malware, which totally ruined your device. It really sucks when something like that happens. In my experience with free IPTV websites, I constantly have to be careful not to click on something fishy that might install malware.

These websites are packed with confusing pop-ups and pages that are bound to ruin your day by constantly showing up. It takes you a lot of time to actually get to what you want to watch if it exists at all. If you don’t find the show you want to watch, you’ll have to suffer the same hell all over again on another website.

The big problem with these free IPTV websites is that they don’t accept ad-blockers and demand you to turn them off if you want to continue. At the end of the day, the most reasonable thing that I realize is to get a reliable IPTV service and spare myself these hellish free services that might cost me more after ruining my device.

Risk 3: Free IPTV is Unreliable

You’re to be blamed if you complain about the unreliability of free IPTV. What do you expect from such a thing? You are in no position to say anything negative about something unreliable that everyone warns you not to use. You must bite the bullet and suffer through the server overload and buffering until it stops. Or you can do the sensible thing get a decent service that charges some money for reliability.

The world of entertainment and TV is like a market. The show that you watch on a TV channel has to be purchased before they broadcast it. The copyright holders might attack at any time when someone steals the rights to their broadcasts. When that happens, free IPTV goes with the wind. You’ll have to find another free service before it gets banned again. 

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Risk 4: Illegal IPTV Might Lead to Prosecution

Using free IPTV is technically not permissible by the law, hence why they call it “illegal IPTV.” While you’re not very likely to be prosecuted only after watching some dumb movie online for free, it’s still something that might happen. The copyright holders, which are the production houses and the TV channels, are always in a position to file cases against people who steal their productions.

In 2017, the EU Court of Justice decided that streaming content without having copyrights is considered a breach of law that can be perused legally. 

The chief executive of the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), Kieron Sharp says the following about the matter,

“We’re looking at the people who are providing the apps and add-ons, the developers. And then, we’ll also be looking at […] the end-user. The reason for end-users to come into this is that they are committing criminal offenses.”

RISK 5: Problems with Your Internet Service Provider

Many internet service providers in the world disable the subscription of users who deal with pirating websites that offer free movies, streams, and music. Many Torrent users report that their subscription with the Internet provider was banned after they downloaded something for free.

Most of the service providers that ban such acts usually send a warning before they proceed with the banning. At first, they tell you where you went wrong. If you keep repeating that, they ban the hell out of you, sometimes, for good. You’ll have to find another service provider.

Use a Trusted IPTV Service Instead

To avoid the risks altogether and all the problems, once and for all, use trusted IPTV subscriptions instead. There are many options all over the internet, you just need to see the one that is suitable for you. Check out the best IPTV subscriptions.

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