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Terms of Services

We provide IPTV online streaming services. Our services allow you to watch live TV channels and video on demand (VOD) content. By using our services, you automatically acknowledge and agree to all of our terms of services.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

All of our Terms and Conditions of Use (including the Privacy Policy) are subject to change, whenever we are obligated. The alterations happen without notifying our users. As soon as we post the alterations they become effective. Using our services even after such alterations are made means the full acknowledgment and agreement of the user.

Minimum age requirement

No one under the age of 18 is allowed to use our services.

Usage and service terms

We forbid you from recording or broadcasting the content we provide on the internet or any other medium.

Third-party purchases

If you made transactions with a third-party that uses our service, it’s not our responsibility.

Quality of streams

The high-quality streams require suitable internet with a bandwidth of 4mb/s or more. IPTV doesn’t guarantee good quality 100% of the time.

We should warn you not to use the subscription from multiple devices because it’s against our policy. You will be banned if you’ve done such an act.

VPN or Proxy usage

Using VPN and proxy servers is not allowed. If we detected that you use them, it’s considered a violation that will cause your suspension from our services.

Unsupported regions

Our services are not supportable in the following two countries: *Iran *China

Accuracy of information

Providing accurate info about your account is your responsibility.


Our services are compatible with thousands of devices. Contact us if you’re not sure your device is compatible.

Internet service and data usage

The additional expenses that you spend on the internet data because you use IPTV are not our responsibility.

Sharing a subscription

To use multiple devices, you need to contact us to purchase a suitable subscription. You are not allowed to use the same subscription to share it on multiple devices.

Purchase details

All the purchase details are going to be communicated to you once you contact us for a subscription or a free trial.

Number of channels and movies (VOD)

The number changes over time as we add more content regularly.

Suspension and downtime :

Additionally to our right to end or suspend your access, as defined in the lines above, you must know that: for any reason, we might suspend you for the violation of our terms of services.

Correspondences regarding this agreement have to be written in English.

We have the authority to suddenly end or limit your use and access to content, without notice, in case we’ve decided that you’ve violated any of our terms of condition

Our logo, all the other IPTV marks, graphics, and scripts are special trademarks of our shop. As users, you’re not allowed to exploit or use them.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.